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My internet is keep dropping

Level 1b

Still have issue of internet dropping out.

Please fix this issue for me as I am paying the full amount for service that I don't receive.

Please contact I need to speak to someone who can fix this issue or provide another option.




My records shows your service is up for more than 2days,

Have you check the router and wires?.

Are you using wireless or wired connection?

Please adivce

Connected at: 2020-05-29 22:00:03 
Connected for: 2d 17h 27m 34s 

Level 1b

Yes I have checked it, restarted the modem many times, checked the wires still no change, still dropping out every 10 to 15 minutes. I need someone to contact me and explain the issue to me please. 
I am getting tired of this poor service from TPG.