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I spoke to Ritz on 7/08 and May on 9/08, about my upgraded NBN plan from 12 to 50 with TPG, and as of 8pm tonight (9/08) my upgraded plan has not been effected. I have advised May tonight that if my upgraded plan NBN 50 has not been activated within 24 x hours until 8pm tomorrow night (10/08) I will be complaining to the Ombudsman and ASIC about false information being conveyed to TPG customers. Currently I am extremely angry and bitter that my new Plan was not activated by 8/08. As usual TPG treat their customers with utter contempt. Please refer the news tonight of TPG and other TELCOS being sent to court by ASIC!!! Please ensure my customer request is undertaken and fulfilled by 8pm tomorrow night.

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We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the plan change request.

It shows that the maximum speed that you are able to receive using the current infrastructure (FTTN) is around 24 Mbps Downstream only.

This explains why the NBN50 plan was not activated for you.


We understand that you've upgraded to the NBN25 plan instead and it will be applied once the NBN50 upgrade request is successfully removed.


Let us know if you need further assistance.