NBN Connection issue

Level 2

For the last 5 days, my NBN connection drops out around 10 am. Upstream light keeps blinking. We tried powering off for 10-15mins (tried this several times throughout the day). After 5 pm it comes back.


I called TPG on 3/04/19 and they said that they will need to get some check done and will let me know in 12-24 hours. I received a text message from them on Saturday morning to say it is working normally. But it wasn't, so I called them back and later afternoon they sent me a text message to say NBN Technician will come to my property on Monday afternoon between 1 pm and 5 pm.


However, my question is, if there is a fault why does it start working after 5 pm. If there is a fault, it wouldn't work at all. 


Is TPG not telling me the truth? Are they disconnecting my NBN during the day?