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NBN Connection times and nbn box

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I recently moved houses, and got my TPG internet plan changed to NBN for the new house, and asked for the internet connection date to be the 1st of March.
On the first of March I received an email that my connection will be done in two working days. Been a week now and still havent received an update on how much longer it will take, and using the /install link provided, it gives minimal information that they are "working hard" installing it.
I'm just wondering what an average installation timeframe looks like?

Secondly, we have the hybrid coaxial type of NBN, and when it is connected will it work by plugging it straight into the phone line, as I dont believe we have a NBN box in the house or on the premises.

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The standard time frame of the NBN installation is within 2 to 30 working days.


For NBN HFC technology, requires an NBN Box for the service to work since we are going to use the existing coaxial cable in the area and not the copper wire that's why the phone line will not work anymore.


I am aware that you were able to speak with our Service delivery team and they have requested for an NBN technician to install the box for us to provide you the service. Further updates with the technician schedule will be given by them.


Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


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