NBN Drop outs

Level 3

NBN Keeps dropping out, Arris NBN modem light keeps blinking... there are no outages in my area. I bought the best modem you can buy and its 100 times better than the cheap crap TPG gives you...

Ever since I got the NBN and joined TPG I\ve had nothing but problems with my connection dropping out every so often 2-3 times a week randomly sometimes 10mins, sometimes 1 hr, sometimes I just give up and go to bed. I have reported it many, many times to TPG they just give some lame excuse.


This service is shocking and should not be allowed in this country of ours... there has got to be a law against this... someone has to be liable for it... and I am searching for legal rights right now... just sick of it all for 7 or more months of broken internet that's not worth paying for.


I thought by buying the top of the range modem would help this situation but it didn't...

I want compensation...I want out of this broken internet...  I want immunity from getting charged for the remaining 5 months in this contract of this broken internet.... how dare you people put a plan of 12 months and you give broken internet

I need to get out of TPG as fast as I can...

Support Chat is non-existent (dont work at all) All channels of Support are non-existent 

There is no contact with TPG at all... Contact DOSE NOT EXSIST... except when I tried calling sales (that's funny isn't it) you want more but you can't help the ones you already have?

Unless it's taken to level2 support which is Australia, I suspect. All support dose is basic troubleshooting the connection and they do a really bad job of that from communication to technical advice. Ive had them hang up on me and transfer me then it hangs up (and I wasn't being rude before hand).

TPG treats customers so poorly for after-sales support or accounts that they leave you feeling upset cause nothing was accomplished. BUYERS BEWARE and WARNED. .   


I'm going to the ombudsman to find out what my legal rights are for exiting this contract for the grief TPG has put me through I can do about this matter