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NBN FTTC with error No Internet

Level 1b
I am setting up my NBN home connection, tried with both the phone sockets available, but after my laptop and phone connected to the Wi-Fi connection, the connections are offline with error 'no internet'
Level 5

Hi @gobbyc15


My friend had the same issue with their newly installed NBN

It normally take only 30 mins for the modem to get activated but in case it didn't you can manually configure the modem


If you have NBN FTTC you should have a TP Link VR1600

Step 1. Just connect your device to the modem via Ethernet or Wifi

Step 2. Go to

Step 3. Enter the modem's admin login.

  • UN: admin
  • PW: admin

Step 4. Go to Advance Tab on top

Step 5. Go to Network on the left panel

Step 6. Under Network Click on EWAN

Step 7. Enter your TPG UN and PW and Click on Save at the buttom

See the Image Below






Hi @gobbyc15,


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We have located the account using your community details and we can see that your connection is up and running for more than 15 hours now.


This article about Wi-Fi No Connection can also help you:


Wi-Fi troubleshooting steps - No Internet/Connection



If you are still having issues connecting to the internet, feel free to message us. Thank you.