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Not responsible at all

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My nbn stopped last Monday at 9am and i could not use internet at all until Thursday morning. A technician did not come to the appointment on Tuesday so I had to make an appointment again for Thursday. When the technician came and fixed it, it was Thursday morning. On Friday, nbn stopped again and I reported it straightaway. I called several times on Friday and a few times on Sat. When I called yesterday, they said they kept saying that the engineers are investigating and they said the engineer part would call me in 1 hour. They never called me back and no answer about my email. I have not heard anything about the issue and my internet is still not working. I asked to send me an nbn technician tomorrow urgently and tpg keeps ignoring me. I will probably change internet company as tpg is not responsible at all.

Hi @rachel1703,


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I apologise for the inconvenience. I was able to locate your account using your community details, based on the latest update on the escalated fault The assessment shows that the modem/router is possibly faulty and we scheduled one of our TPG Technician to check your service on 16/01/2019 7-12 AM.

I will chase this up with our Engineering Team and  pass this for additional reference. We'll keep an eye on this, let me know should you require further assistance.