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NBN FTTN Dropouts postcode 2567

Level 2

Posting here to start a log and hopefully get a resolution.

I spent 1hour on hold today to report the issue before the call was disconnected before being able to speak with support.

Have recently moved and taken our NBN connection (was HFC) to the new address (now FTTN).


Connection is unstable and dropouts out at the router multiple times a day. Router is the supplied Archer VR1600v.


Occasionally the router will beep loudly 4-5times before the dropout.


Current uptime is 9hrs 26mins


Hi @PeteM


Welcome to the Community!


Do you still need assistance? We checked your account and it shows that the modem/router has been stable for more than 2 days now.


If you are still experiencing issues with your service, please send me a PM with your contact details to check on this further.