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NBN FTTN dropouts

Level 1b


I'm having random dropouts. Would say about twice a day. 

When it occurs it struggles to re-connect, or reconnects and drops out a few times in a row. 

I find when a dropout occurs, its best to access the modem through the web browsers ( and clicking reboot normally gets it to reconnect and behave for some time until the next drop out. 


Any suggestions on what the issue could be?


Hi @BAI82,


Welcome to the community


I would love to help and see what causes dropouts on your connection. Also, I'd like to confirm if dropouts occured on wireless device(s).


Kindly PM me your account details (Username/Customer ID or Contact number associated with the account).



Level 1b

Hi Shane, PM sent. 


Hi @BAI82,


Thanks for sending your details via PM.


I'd like to know more about your case.


Are you currently using your TPG modem?



Level 1b

yes Im using the TPG modem. 

today there was a drop out around 11:20am. 

I didnt do the reboot...i let it just reconnect it self.


Thanks @BAI82


I've now raised this to our Engineering team for further assessment. They'll be providing you updates via SMS or phone call within the next 24hrs on the number that we have on file. 

I've also has raised this as a matter of priority. 


Should you have a prefferred contact time and number, please send us a PM and we'll coordinate this with our Engineering team. 


For your reference, please check this link on how to send a PM.






Level 1b

Thanks Erica.


Some further information for you and the team.

Since I raised the issue, and its been raised for the engineering team for further assessment, this has got extremely bad. Its dropping out and can't connect for periods of over an hour, about 3 to 4 times yesteday and again this morning. 


Also speeds have dropped down. 

Download speed has dropped down from around 46 to 36. 

Upload speed has dropped down from around 17 to 5


I never had any speed issues since joining. Its only started after raising this ticket. 

From reading other cases I suspect its due to raising the ticket. 


My old method of just rebooting the modem to get it to connect no longer works. Its normally down for around 1 hour+ before it successfully reconnects. 


Level 1b

Another 35 min drop out and speeds are down to 18 download and 0.65 upload. 

Wow....this is getting real bad. 


Hi @BAI82


Apologies for the ongoing trouble. 


I can see our engineers has raised this to NBN co as they've identified a possible issue with the network controlled by the NBN co. This unfortunately means only NBN co. technicians have the authority to fix this fault.


I've chased this now with our Engineering team. 


They'll be in touch as soon as additional information becomes available. 



Hi @BAI82


I can see that one of our Engineers has tried to get in touch with you but it seems that you've missed their call. 


Please let us know your preferred contact time and number and I'll have this rearranged for you. 


Furthermore, we'd also like to know how many phone sockets do you have?