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NBN FTTN dropouts

Level 1b

Hi Erika, 


The number they are calling is fine. Today anytime after 6pm and before 9pm. 

Only have two phone sockets. 




Thanks for the additional information @BAI82


I've informed our Engineers regarding this and has rearranged for a call today between 6:00pm - 7:00pm. 


Let us know should you need further assistance. 

Level 1b

Hi Erika,


NBN have been out, they have sorted out the line and said the drop out issue is resolved.

Speeds have improved but are not back to where they were before all these issues. 

NBN tests on the line indicate 50 down 19 up. 

However this is not what I am getting. That was more like I was getting before the issues. 

They said to take this up with your provider, that they may be reducing it on your profile due to the issues you were having. Are you able to advise?


Hi @BAI82


I've checked your account and can see that this case is still being handled by our Engineering team. 


This case is more than just the profile on your line. 


Due to privacy purposes, I've sent a PM to provide more details regarding your plan and this concern.