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NBN - HFC Expected Speed

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I just got connected to the NBN yesterday (HFC) and i am on the 50/20 plan with TPG.  I ran a number of speed tests from last night and this morning with the following results:


Ping - Between 13 and 14ms

Download - between 22 and 32Mbps (most were around 23/24Mbps)

Upload - Betewen 19.2 and 19.7Mbps


The ping and upload are as expected but the download seems a lot lower than the plan (50Mbps and 44Mbps at peak times).


Are the download speeds normal (as expected) or am i getting poor speeds from the TPG network

Note: I am using the TPG provided TP-link router.




Thanks for reaching out to us and we're glad you brought this concern so that we can take care of this right away.

We would be happy to address any concerns you might have regarding your service.


May we know if you were conducting the speedtest via wifi? Were you able to conduct a speedtest via a wired connection?


If you are currently using wireless devices, you may also change the wireless channel on the modem as there could be a wireless interference that's causing the speed issue. You may check this link on how to change the wireless channel on your modem.



Level 1c

Hi Jhoey,


Yes it was over a wifi connection, the lan connection is much faster, betewen 44 and 46Mbps. It does seem to be a wifi issue, i have just tested the speed over lan and got 44Mbps and straight away tested on my phone over wifi and for 18Mbps (would you expect to see such a difference)


I will investigate the channel option you have mentioned and see if it has an effect. I am in a standalone house but i am not sure how much interference there will be.




Level 1c

Hi Jhoey,


I changed the channels as suggested but did not see a significant difference.  Speeds were stilll betewen 20-32Mbps. There are a limited number of wifi networks available and all have weak signals (other than mine of course).  I tried a number of channels (1, 6 and 11) and all had similar speeds.  Therefore i don't think interferance is the cause for the slower speeds on the 2.4GHz network.


However if i swithced to the 5GHz (rather than the 2.4GHz) the speeds on this network were compariable to the wired connection (44-46Mbps).  Is there a reason as to why the 2.4GHz would be so much slower?


Hi @HT_NBN_Issue


We are glad to know that you are able to maximize the 5Ghz wireless connection of your TP-Link VR1600v.


Wi-Fi nowadays work on either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz spectra.


Each spectrum has its advantages and disadvantages which depend heavily on environmental factors.



  • lower frequency means longer range (with walls and solid objects all considered)
  • prone to more interference from cordless phones, older microwave ovens, and bluetooth devices that also use 2.4GHz
  • supports lower maximum data rates on the latest 802.11n and 802.11ac router technology as compared to 5GHz



  • higher frequency means shorter range (with walls and solid objects all considered)
  • no interference from 2.4GHz devices such as cordless phones, older microwave ovens, and bluetooth devices
  • supports significantly higher maximum data rates on the latest 802.11n and 802.11ac router technology as compared to 2.4GHz

Credits to Ozone.


Please see his original post available here 2.4ghz vs 5ghz


Note: Please be advised that not all device(s) are compatible with 5Ghz wireless connection.

Q: How do I know if my device supports 5GHz?

A: If your device supports 802.11a and 802.11ac it will definitely support 5GHz