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NBN HFC connection box (cable modem)

Level 2
Hi I have just signed up for TPG NBN over an HFC connection . I have two simple technical question about hardware setup.

1) is the NBN connection box a cable modem ? And if so :
2) can I plug myb Netgear Orbi router directly into the NBN connection box or do I need to use the TPG provided modem/router in some sort of bridge mode ?

Appreciate any insight on this issue


Hi @Schoning


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NBN-HFC technology will use an Arris modem. Technically, it is a cable modem. However, you still need a VDSL2 compatible modem that allows VLAN tagging for the service to work. And just a heads up, the phone service will only function using the TPG supplied modem.




Level 2
Thanks for the quick reply .
Don't really need a phone service so that's ok.
Just checked the router settings and I can enable vlan and am able to manually select the vlan ID.
This should work right ?

Hi @Schoning,


Yes, once you able to setup the VLAD ID 2 of the modem/router it should work. Let us know how it will go. Cheers!