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NBN HFC has been unavailable for 5 days now!!!

Level 2

Please can someone at TPG Help!

My NBN HFC has now been unavailable for 5 days. It started working intermittently 2 days ago, but has stopped again completely. When it was working, it would intermittently drop out, like 3 times a day for 5 - 10minutes.

I have spent well over 10 hours with multiple support personal over the past 5 days and have no updates or resolution.

The lack of a stable service and no customer support at all has been appalling and I am really fustrated. 

You have kept me in a contract for another 10 months while there are other providers out there willing to help.

Can someone please expedite the communication and resolution!


Level 2

The service came on again briefly today for a few hours and dropped out again. Can someone please help get this fixed. It has been ongoing for 5 days now.