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NBN HFC ppp3 Timeout waiting for PADO packets

Level 1b

Hi, I have pretty much the same issue as


This has been going on intermittently for the past few months, but now it will not connect.

There were NBN outages in the past but since 9:30am 22/05 I can barely connect before its down.


While on ADSL, a technician has previously noted that our connection on the street had issues and replaced connectors.
I'm guessing this issue is probably related to old connectors again this time on the HFC.

Currently the Arris lights are blinking, but previously even if all 4 lights are on, the same errors are logged in the tplink modem.


Hi  sheng80,

Could you pls private message me with our Customer ID/ Username, address and contact number so I can check it in our system.