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sending emails STILL AN ISSUE !!

Level 2

I have asked this question before. Have even been on hold for more than an hour (twice). Tried online chat several days & still get they are all busy.

We are unable to send email using our email program at all !  Even though recieving is still fine.

Even when using the tpg post office, we are currently still unable to send any emails, doesnt matter who to (or even reply to the sender), I get the same error message saying that the email address is invalid, but the addresses are fine, says the format is incorrect and I should be using an email address which looks like, can you help?

We have tried the change password, different email programs (couldnt get outlook to work at all). Nothing works.


Hi @akswhite,

Pls check these link , how to setup your mails. If you still having issue, pls private msg me with your customer ID/Username and contact details,