NBN HFC so slow

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We had NBN HFC installed today and our speeds dropped from 70+Mbps to between 5Mbps- 25Mbps, even though we have purchased the fastest option.  These speeds were measured standing right next to the new modem etc.  Nightmare!  Can anything be done about this?  Next week we will have two adults working from home and two high school kids schooling from home...the above measurements were with only one adult online.


Hi @k8kelly88,

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I have ran tests from our end and the results are all passing. It sounds like your issue might be WIFI related.

We recommend having a read of this community article, which may help you in Improving Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home:




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I have tried your suggestion but it did not help.

I also cannot understand why if I run a speed test on the TPG app the speed result is twice as fast as if I run a speed test using any other speed test website.

There are two problems 1) speed and 2) coverage.  Both are much worse than before the installation.

The NBN technician who did the installation said it may be an option to install a second HFC cable connection for upstairs in the house (it is a big solid brick house).  How do we arrange that?

Also I tried to send a message requesting a phonecall via the app but the screen would not allow me to scroll down to click Submit.  I would like to speak to someone at TPG but cannot work out how to do so.