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NBN High Latency every evening

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For the last few months, we've been getting very high latency each evening with pings upto 200ms from about 7pm to midnight.  During the day, no problem at all with pings around 5ms.  We have no problems with download or upload speeds although they also drop a fair bit. overall.  


TPG are not very helpful at all despite going through all their tests and methods.  The fact that it is time based means the problem is not router dependent or my line dependent as during the day it is fine.


I have a world class router ASUS rapture mesh system with 9 antennas and our plan is the top tier plan.


My question is if this is a TPG specific issue???, my mate next door with Telstra is getting at most 30ms in evenings and plays fortnite etc fine. 


Should i just switch to Telstra?



Community Manager

Hey @magichands,


Drop me a private message and we’ll look into what’s causing the high latency.

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You posted on my thread about me getting high latency at peak times, so I will post on yours. I churned to ABB, fixed it.


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@magichands same problem here. Latency and speed is crap in the evening. Did TPG identify the issue?