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NBN Internet drop outs reported and not fixed

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I have complained multiple times to TPG about the NBN internet drop outs and telephone call disconnections. To date, the issues have not been attended too. The average 'evening speed of 42.0 mbps' is false and misleading. Since ahving connected to NBN when Microsoft downloads occurs and are interrupted, this causes "incomplete downloads and corrupted files". This has cost me many telephone calls to Microsoft and 'computer repair' companies/businesses.Now I am emailed that I have to pay for increased use of hoem phone which is supposed to come with free calls to Austaralian within Australia. TPG will not contact me or fix the issues. I have even used their 'online chat' to advise and discuss the issues and still they will not have a technician come and fix our connections to the NBN or supply a decent NBN phone box or decent modem/fouter to alleviate the issues. TPG are stealing my fuinds under false pretences.When will we have a technician come out to fix our issues. I have even confirmed that our next door neighbors had the same issues, which got worse and they had a technician come, not on the day advised and not within the time allotted, but did eventually come and confirmed that he ahd been repairing over 100 connectiosn with the same issues. Why is it TPG will not fix our connection. Do I have to call the Ombudsman's Office??


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