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NBN Internet problem for a week

Level 2
Hi there,

Have had dropping internet connection, no internet at all, sometimes slow internet for a week now.
Complained several times and they even sent a technician to the house who assured us it was working fine. Still no change on our end.
My phone flat out wont connect to the internet, ps4 and computer will occaisionally connect only to drop out minutes later.

It doesn't help that the support is only available online via chat as this is a slow tedious process which is made worse by not having an internet connection to begin with!

I am at my wits end and need this sorted out as we have people needing to work from home over this lockdown but without internet that is impossible.
If anyone from TPG can please update me that would be great.
Have had a few calls from you saying your looking into it but no fix so far and no idea what's going on.
Melbourne TPG customer

Ticket number: 10368158