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NBN - New Install and Internet Stopped Working After 6 Days

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Hi all,


I have my NBN installed and activated on Feb 21 last week. And all it took was 6 days for NBN internet to stop working.


Called TPG Customer Care today and after a few rings it the call was disconnected because there were too many people calling. This is not a very good customer experience. I was furious and rang sales and I got connected to someone straight away and demanded someone from customer care to speak to me.


After waited for 30mins on the phone, I finally managed to speak to someone from customer care. Luckily the person was curteous and we went through a few checks.


My supposedly brand new NBN Box (black) has a blinking downstream light and fully working power light, The other lights are not lighting up.


Furthermore, there was a clicking sound coming from the NBN Box. I was given a case number (9248754) and was told I will get an SMS/call from a technician to schedule time to look at the issue. So far I have not received any SMS.


I have two queries:


The problem I have is when I log in to My Account, I cannot see this Case Number recorded anywhere on My Account. And I do know other providers do provide this.


When will TPG send me a message to schedule time for technician to have a look. I assume it will have to be NBN technician? 


I have no ADSL and only managed to write this by thetering from my mobile.


Hi @squarespace


Welcome to the Community!


Thank you for reaching out to us. I was able to pull up your account using your community details and found out that you have already been assisted by our Helpdesk and Engineering Team.


I can see that we have engaged NBNCo wherein an NBN technician appointment was made. Although you sent us an SMS this morning advising us that the service is already working and that there's no need for a technician, NBNCo has noted that the technician was able to complete the work.


I conducted some tests and I can say that your service is indeed working at the moment.


Should you have any other concerns/queries, don't hesitate to let us know.