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NBN - No Static IP Address

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I have been with TPG over 20+ years.


Recently, my internet was upgraded from ADSL to NBN, the speed and connections are good, but one thing I realise is the IP address is no longer the static mode and that causes a problem to my IP camera not connected from the normal internet outside home.


Could you please consider to upgrade the residental NBN to have static IP address instead of Dynamic. That will make a lot of customer happy again!


Best regards




Hi @quintinw,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Thanks for raising this with us. We welcome all feedback as hearing from our customers is the best way we can improve our business.


At this point we don't offer the static IP address for residential NBN plans.


Our NBN Small business plans already come with a static IP address. If you wish to upgrade your plan, I can arrange a call from our Change of plan team or you can contact them at 1300 365 313.


Kind regards,