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NBN Outage and poor service

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Hi There,


Our internet has been out for 5 days.

The two times I have called I have been informed that there is a fault on the network and that it will resolve itself with no time frame of when this will occur. We have also emailed twice now for an update and have not received a reply, although when I called the person who answered said "oh I can see you've emailed" which indicates the email was received and intentionally ignored.

Our house operates as a home office and since the internet has been out we have suffered significant loss of income and when I explained this to the person on the line and asked for a discounted or credited bill I was told that he didn't know if that was possible.

We received no prior warning that there were planned works and there has been little to no help during this outage or any idea when it will resolve.

We will be taking this to the ombudsman and disconnecting our service unless this is resolved today.




Hi @TessaK 


My apologies for the service disruption and we regret to learn that you're considering to raise this case externally. I can understand your sentiment since you haven't received any updates regarding the outage yet.


We'd like to take a closer look at your account to better understand the situation and see what's required to get your service working. Unfortunately, we're unable to pull up an account using your community details. Would you be able to PM us your customer ID or username together with your service address?


For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community




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Hi Will,


Have sent you a direct message.


Thank you.


Thanks for sending the account details, @TessaK 


The outage has been resolved already. However, your NBN box remains offline still. This needs to be raised to NBNCo for repair. I have escalated this case further to our Engineering Team for assistance. You will be notified of the progress of the case via SMS or phone call to the mobile number we have on file. If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to leave a message.


Hi @TessaK,


The case has been raised to NBNCo already and an appointment has been booked for a technician visit on the date you requested. An SMS was sent to you confirming the appointment. You'll receive further updates from an Engineer once the tech visit is complete and report has been forwarded by NBNCo.

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Hi Tess,

I would like to report the same issue to ombudsman too.. Do you have any case number or something like that to up vote?


I'm getting the same issue for many weeks now and I can't take it anymore.