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NBN Constant Dropouts FTTN and slow speed overall

Level 1a

I have nbn 50 plan which oveer all speed is terrible at pretty much anytime of the day reguardless of whats connected to wifi or ethernet usually max of 24mbs Speed Test can sometimes randomly drop out too.
And also when it rains or slightest thunderstorm it will drop out everytime for 5-10 mins come back then drop out again. Frustrsting.......


Hi @chriskal8897


Welcome to the Community! 


I've managed to locate your account using your Community details and it showed that the line speed is lower than expected. This can be one of the possible reasons why you are experiencing connection issues. 


I have raised the issue now to our Engineering team for further investigation. They should be able to provide you with an update within the next 24-48hrs. 


Should you have further queries or requires assistance, please don' hesitate to let us know. 





Level 1c

Luck you! You got 24 out of 50.

I bought maximum 100 and my avarage is about 18 mbps and most of the time less than 10 mbps! 

Connection drop out is getting out of hand and I'm on mobile hot spot the whole month.

Totally hopeless and I have to pay $350 exit fees if I want to exit the contract although they can't do any better to fix all those problem.



Hi @sungayepe


We have likewise replied to your post located here:


We can have our Technical team to perform troubleshooting along with you to determine the cause of the connection issues you were experiencing. 


Just let us know of your most convenient time to receive a call so we can organise a contact to be made. 


Thank you! 




Level 1c
I tried to contact the technical team past two nights around 9 PM and waited for one hour each. There were no answers.

I am so desperate to get this fixed as I need it for my work. This is causing me so much for my mobile data.

Please send someone who can really fix the issue as I’ve to take another half day off to wait for something that not sure.

Please call me as soon as possible!

Hi @sungayepe


We have responded to your comment on another thread:


As discussed, we have escalated your concern to our Engineering Team for investigation since NBNCo needs to look into the case.