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Hi, I have posted the following in the hope that it may assist other users.


Before I start let me say that TPG's actions in this matter have been nothing short of exemplary. They kept in contact with me every day and advised me of how things were progressing.


Also, I apologize now for the length and rambling of these posts:


On the 4th of April I submitted a WEBSITE FORM with the below information:


Enquiry: The internet light on the modem goes off (disconnected from internet) then comes back on after a few seconds and I have a new WAN IP address. Other symptoms are: my download speed is in the range it should be, but my upload speed is only in the low range kbps. People are unable to hear me properly when I make or receive a phone call but I can hear them perfectly.

This problem has only been happening yesterday and today (4/04/2018). Thank You for your assistance. Kind Regards.

Level 3

I received the following reply:


Thank you for your email.

I understand the importance of having a good internet connection and rest assured we will look forward to resolving your issue.

Kindly do the following to rectify the issue:

  1. Reset the NBN connection box (NTD). Reset button is located between UNI-D and UNI-V ports.
    2. Power-cycle your router; turn it off for 1-2 minutes, then turn it back on.
    3. Test other phone cable.
    4. Make sure modem is properly connected to the UNI V 1 port
    5. Reset and reconfigure the modem

    On the other hand, for us to further investigate your speed issue, please provide us a screenshot of the speed test through wireless and wired connection. Furthermore, please indicate if this is happening on a specific time of the day.

    In addition, please provide us the following information:

            Contact Person:
            Contact Number:
            Your preferred call back time

    Please let us know if we could be of further assistance.


Level 3

This is my reply as at the 6th of April:


Hi Rachelle,


Thank you for getting back to me. Sorry for the late reply but I have been investigating my problem.


The following is a run down of the process;


1.    Reset the NBN connection box:    No Effect

2.    Power-cycled NetComm NF12 router:    No Effect

3.    Tested other phone cable:    No Effect

4.    Made sure router connected properly to UNI D 1 port:    No Effect

5.    Made sure phone connected properly to UNI V 1 port:    No Effect

6.    Reset and reconfigured NF12 router:    No Effect

7.    Took screenshots of speed test wireless and wired:    Attached (Test Wired.jpg & Test Wireless.jpg)


To substantiate the problem, please check my Account Usage figures to verify the numerous dropouts and reconnections I have experienced. This has been occurring continuously since the 3rd of April and did not happen at a specific time of the day. Subsequently, it was after the processes above that I further tried to find out what was wrong.


Originally I had only used the NetComm NF12 router (TPG supplied) for roughly the first month of my account. Since then I have been using the higher quality ASUS RT-AC3200 router and the NF12 was stored. When this problem first started and I had no success rectifying it, I reinstated the NetComm NF12 but the situation was exactly the same.


There was absolutely no difference between using the two routers. They both disconnected from the internet and came back on after a few seconds with a new WAN IP address, the download speed on both was very good but the upload speed was pathetic.


The phone problem has remained constant as well but keeping in mind my phone is UNI V and not VOIP. I only reported the problem using the NF12 as it was the TPG supplied router.


After your suggestions in your email were unsuccessful, I continued to investigate further as detailed below:


1.    Reattached ASUS router and reset and reconfigured:    No Effect

2.    Directly connected laptop to the NBN connection box:    Connection excellent & stable (refer attached screenshots)

3.    Checked phone operation:    No Change


The logical conclusion to the direct connection result would be that both routers were faulty. I do not believe this to be the case, for both routers (different manufactures, models, internal settings etc.) to have the exact same problem, highly unlikely.


Nevertheless, yesterday I purchased a NEW Netgear R6400v2 AC1750 router from JB Hi-Fi and connected it. The constant disconnection and connection appears to have ceased and the download/upload speeds have been excellent to date (refer Netgear Wired.jpg).


However, although that part of the problem is apparently rectified, my phone problem still exists. People are unable to hear me properly when I make or receive a phone call but I can hear them perfectly. I have tried three different connection cables and three different phones but the fault remains.


It is for this reason that I initially referred to the phone error as a symptom to the overall problem and still consider that the original two routers are OK but only incompatible to some settings or the phone fault, particularly the obvious failure to achieve a substantial upload speed in relation to the transmission of my voice over the phone. 


As I do require further assistance in this matter I have provided the following information:

        Contact Person:    XXXXXXXXX
        Contact Number:    XX XXXX XXX
        Your preferred call back time: 1pm – 8pm daily

        Email Address:


Kind Regards,


Level 3

On the 7th April, after my reply, I communicated with TPG via mobile phone and SMS only. I was given a TPG Ticket Number and they investigated the problem.


On the afternoon of the 8th of April, I was notified that the problem was fixed. My reply to them was as follows:


Reference Ticket Number XXXXXXXX:




I received a text message at 12:55 pm today (08/04/2018) from +61 416 906 330 stating;


Your TPG Homephone service should be working now. For further assistance please contact TPG on 131423.


Unfortunately, I checked the phone and the voice from my end is still breaking up and at times inaudible. I attempted to text the originating mobile number above to inform that the service was still faulty but I believe a return text to that number would automatically be rejected.


In addition, I also tried to call the 131423 number (on the home phone) but because of the fault the automated service was not accepting my key presses.  I do not wish to use my limited mobile resources to contact the 131423 number.


Please advise where we go from here.


Kind Regards,


Level 3

I received an SMS with a new Ticket Number from the TPG group that was handling my problem.


Over the following 15 days, different attempts were made to fix the fault including resetting the NTD, the NBN switching my phone from UNI V1 to UNI V2, trying three different phones and eventually even buying a new VTECH phone from JB Hi-Fi but all to no avail.


Eventually, a TPG technician visit was booked and checked my installation on Saturday the 21st .of April.


He determined that the fault was indeed with NBN's equipment.and that TPG would be in contact with them. NBN investigated and decided that a field technician visit was required and TPG requested said visit.

Level 3

All good things come to those who wait, and today was my day. Below is the last email I have sent to TPG.


Reference Ticket Number XXXXXXX:




At roughly 2:45 pm today (25/04/2018) we lost our internet and phone connection. The “Optical” LED indicator on the NTD (Network Termination Device) was Red which signals that the NTD had lost connection with the fibre network.


At approximately 3:00 pm today, the indicator returned to Green and the fibre connection with the NBN was restored. It was at this time that we checked the internet connection and completed a speed test and confirmed that it was working within the required parameters.


However, as the continuing problem was with the audio quality of the UNI V phone (people unable to hear us properly when we make or receive a phone call - but we could hear them perfectly), we obviously had to test the phone (again) to see if there was any difference. After four test phone calls, to and from, it appears that the problem has been rectified and the phone is working correctly.


Prior to today’s events and after the attendance of a TPG technician on the weekend, it was determined that the fault rested with the NBN and, as all other equipment had been replaced (Router, LAN cabling, Phone and phone cable) the logical conclusion was that the NTD itself may be at fault.


Notwithstanding, it appears that the fault lay elsewhere within the NBN network and after the brief interruption to our service (without replacing the NTD) we are now able to use our system fully as intended.


When I originally reported the fault (download speed very good - upload speed pathetic – phone bad), I was using my ASUS RT-AC3200 router and when I had no success in rectifying the problem, I reinstated the NetComm NF12 but the situation was exactly the same. Nevertheless, I purchased a NEW Netgear R6400v2 AC1750 router from JB Hi-Fi and connected it. The constant disconnection and reconnection appeared to cease and the download/upload speeds were excellent but the phone remained the same.


Accordingly, I reasoned that the phone error was a symptom to the overall problem and considered that the original two routers were OK but only incompatible to some settings or the phone fault, particularly the obvious failure to achieve a substantial upload speed in relation to the transmission of my voice over the phone. 


After the success with the phone now working correctly, I reconnected the ASUS and the result was excellent, no disconnection/reconnection and download/upload speeds as expected.  The same can be said with the NF12, all was well as it should be.


So, in conclusion, I don’t know what they did but they did it - and it appears to be fixed.


Thank You especially TPG and Thank You NBNco.





If anyone knows why the Netgear router worked with the apparent line fault and the ASUS and NETCOMM didn't, I would sure be interested.


By the way, does anyone need a near new Netgear router, a slightly used VTECH phone, various CAT 6 LAN cables and some telephone cords?


We appreciate your feedback and we are glad to know that the service is properly working, @Greg_121.


Should there be any issues, feel free to drop us a message. Cheers! 🙂