NBN Problems

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I'm at East Ryde in Sydney connected to NBN via HFC.  My installation has worked fine (for 4 months) until Optus tried to connect another service at the same address to the NBN.  (I'm told that multiple connections at the same address is possible with HFC.) Somehow they are able to instruct NBN Co to remove my Network Terminating Device (the NBN box that sits on the end of HFC) from TPG 'ownership' to their network thus I loose my TPG internet and telephone.  It's happened twice so far - first time TPG recovered it in a couple of hours, this time it's been 4 days.  I feel really sorry for the TPG people but it's their service and they are the only ones I can talk to.  Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, how did you get it solved ?  (I've tried on more than 6 occasions to have a conversation with Optus but it's absolutly impossible.)


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I'm sorry to learn about the service disruption. I was able to review your case and you are correct, another service provider took the connection from us, hence, why your service isn't working at this stage.


I have already raised this with our Provisioning Team for you to regain your connection back. Please expect a call from one of the Case Managers today between 5PM - 6PM NSW.