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NBN Signal Strength so weak

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Hi there, I am currently connected to Fixed Wireless and my NBN signal is so weak. It is always in the red and only occasionally goes up into the two amber lights. It has always been low but for the past six months or so it has been extremely bad. I have connected my device with ethernet to see if that would help but no joy. I have even cut down tree branches thinking they could be blocking the signal somehow (while fully knowing that wasn't the case) but still no luck. My friend meanwhile who lives a few houses up has perfect NBN signal. Just to clarify though, it is not a speed issue. Only an NBN signal issue. Having a family trying to use the internet for all different reasons but not really being able to do what they need is so very frustrating as you can imagine. Any help at all would be very much appreciated. I must also mention that the NBN box itself has been switching itself off sporadically and the status light will go red alot now. It literally just happened just now yet there is no NBN outage here, already checked that like I always do. Thankyou in advance!


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