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We are retired couple and we've only had the NBN for two weeks but TPG have sent an email telling us that our monthly usage has almost met our account limit.

We have linked our phones, Ipad and Foxtel to the NBN modem.

On Foxtel, we mostly watch channels that are part of the Foxtel package but have downloaded complete series of some TV shows plus some movies not part of the base movie package.

Which would be the biggest user? How can we reduce our usage to stay within limits?

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The amount of data that you consume downloading or streaming content from a service such as Foxtel will depend on a couple of factors. This includes:


1. The length of the movie/TV show

2. Whether the content is in Standard Definition or High Definition

3. Where you are downloading / streaming the content. A programme downloaded to your Ipad would use less data than a programme downloaded to a large 55inch TV (example only)


Use the following rule as a very basic guide may help if you are on a NBN connection with a data limit..


For Standard definition programmes, you can expect to consume between 500mb to 1 gigabyte of data per hour or content at the upper end of the scale.


For High definition programmes, you can expect to consume upwards of 1Gb of data per hour of content, often more if the programme is in ultra high definition.


I hope this is useful.




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We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that you are under the NBN 100GB per Month plan, which is divided into two. (50GB for Peak hours 08:30 AM - 02:30 AM and 50GB for Off-peak Hours 02:30 AM - 08:30 AM)


@DB is correct. The maximum data that you will consume on a Standard definition shows/movies is 1.4GB per hour. While for High definition shows/movies is 3.2GB per hour. (From Foxtel)


We've checked your usage and it appears that the high download activity has occurred during Peak hours. This will affect your internet speed once you've consumed the allocated data for it.  But we've noticed that you only consumed around 5% to 10% of data on the Off-peak hours.


With this information, it is better to Download the TV shows/movies during Off-peak hours in order to preserve your data during Peak hours and will help you to stay within limits.


Also, monitoring your data usage is one of the keys to make sure that you'll not go overboard.




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