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NBN box won’t stop flashing blue, FTTC. No internet.

Level 2

I have FTTC and until today, my internet has worked generally well. I can’t get my internet connection working however and it’s been 8+ hours of resets, power cycling, following the manuals online for my router modem and computer, and then waiting.. but so far nothing works to connect the internet. The plugs are in the right places, the VoIP phone line for some reason still works fine, there’s no outages with the nbn or with tpg but I can’t connect to the internet itself and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t know what else to check. Can anyone help?
Level 2
Well the phone now doesn’t work. Rats.

Hi @dwells87


We'll have your connection issue investigated to see as to what is causing the problem. Kindly send us a private message with the following:


TPG customer ID/username:

Contact Person:

Contact number and preferred time:

Status of the lights on the NBN NCD and the modem: (What are the lights that are OFF, ON or Blinking?)

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