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NBN change plan and blocked mobile number

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I got 2 questions about TPG services:

1. Why you block my mobile number? I try to contact AGAIN with support to find help with change a plan and voice tell me to call later because they are not available now. But, when I call from my girlfriend mobile I can wait in the queue like usually. Now I'm waiting until someone receive my call and maybe help me... by using my girlfriend phone. It is ridiculous.


But, let's go to the main question.

There is someone who knows how to change the plan from NBN12 to NBN50? I think it is easy to do, but maybe I'm wrong and I should find a more professional internet provider? My short story: Last week I wanna change plan to something faster. I try to do that by login to my account, but I receive an error:


Unfortunately there was an unexpected error when submitting your registration.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused.
Please contact TPG Customer Service on 13 14 23 for further assistance.
When contacting TPG, please quote this error code: < E:adsl_comm:thread_exists > 

In the next few days, I call to support a few times. Every time they promise me to fix my problem and ask to wait 24 to 48 hours until the new plan start. Last time I call yesterday and today technical support send me a message when they write about fixing my phone line. What is wrong with TPG? Why you fix services what I don't need!

When you can upgrade my plan? How long I should wait because my patience is over now. If you can't do that just tell me! In this weekend I need a good and stable internet connection if you can't provide me with this one I'm going to remove TPG from my home.





Hello pawel_k,
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Can someone contact me? I already send you a pm with details and also respond to your last message.