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Since changing to NBN on 22nd March my account usage has jumped enormously despite me spending less time at my computer.  Is this because my modem is always on?  (necessary to allow people to call on landline which has not been ported over yet)  My mobile phone is also on most of the day,  but not actually in use.  It is a prepaid via Optus).  I am on the $49.95 plan as recommended by th TPG operater,  and was formerly on the $39 plan which  gave me unlimited use.  Is there a logical reason for the fact that according to the usage table I have used almost my limit in 17 days?


Hi @barbch01!

Welcome to the community!

As a general guide, 1GB of data usage will let you:

  • Send or receive 1000 emails
  • Surf the web for 20 hours
  • Watch 5 four minute YouTube video clips
  • Download 20 four minute music tracks
  • Download 40 photos

Your usage of each service may vary. This guide is based on the following assumptions:

Email sent or received at 100KB per email, web browsing at 30MB per hour, YouTube 4min video clip at 24MB per clip (standard 360p quality), music download at 4MB per track, photo downloads at 2MB per photo.

I've had a look at your account history and compared your current data usage to your previous months. I will agree that you have a higher data usage for this current month (compared it last month) but I believe the other previous months has almost the same data usage.

Nevertheless, should you request. I can have this case investigated by our Technical team. They will assess the data usage and will provide you further details within 24-48hrs.

Please let us know how you wish to proceed.

Thank you.