NBN confusion

Level 2

Last week a Technician came to my house to install the NBN.  Unfortunately he was unable to locate the box.

He took me to another unit to show me what it looked like, which was aproximately 30cms square.

He was here for about an hour trying to locate the box and getting in touch with TPG by phone.  

I mentioned to him that there was a small NBN box located near the front door.

Could this possibly be the box he was searching for.

I've heard nothing in the meantime regarding the re-scheduling of the installation.

Would you kindly get in touch with me so that we can finalise the issue.

With thanks.

Janet Taylor



Hi janett1945,


Unfortunately, I cant see the EOD tech report but NBN HFC should include a plate (socket) and a NTD (black box).

It seems that in your property still no plate or still pending NBN works on site.

It means basically you will get another NBN technnician visit, but we will advice you when it is happening.