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NBN connection speed caps at 10~11 mbps, Consistent dropouts

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Hi, We had a full day without internet connection on Friday (20.03.20) and when the service can back online on Saturday the max speed we were able to achieve caps out at 10~11mbps. I checked the service status on the NBN and TPG website and there were no service interuptions in my area (Wetherill Park) on Friday either.


Leading up to Friday we would get consistently get dropouts 2 to 3 times a week for around half an hour so.


The modem/router is the only thing connected to our phone line and my computer is connected by ethernet cable when I performed the tests.


I've reset the router, checked all cables are connected properly and also reset to factory default but the speed remains the same.


Is there a way of testing if there is something wrong with my connection or if there is an issue with my router (as it is quite old) or its configuration?