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NBN connection unstable

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Hi, I've had NBN connected for just about a week now - from the day it was installed i've had these random disconnections as others have explained


no set time it happens, one happening as i'm typing this. NCD loses DSL connection and reconnects shortly after. i dont believe i've had 24 hours stable.


i was finally connected after NBNco replaced my original NCD with a faulty one, and replaced the faulty DPU, and the faulty NCD.


Wired connection to PC. Any assistance would be appreciated




Hi @tortosa,

In the event that you successfully set up the NBN service and still not working you may check if there is an ongoing outage affecting the service. See this link for reference How to Check for NBN Network Outage.


If there's no outage, you may perform basic troubleshooting step available in this article Troubleshooting no internet connection.


If most of the equipment has been replaced by NBN Co. we may need to perform further investigation and assessment to identify what causing these dropouts. My Colleague sent you a PM we'll wait for your response.