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NBN disconnected for 1week

Level 2
My NBN internet is disconnected for one week and I called customer care and got reply that my address is changed.How come my address is changed with out my consent.You guys came home and install service then telling that address is wrong.Case Manager is giving the same response that 24-48hours to resolve the issue from Friday onwards.It is one of the worst customer care service in my life.You guys are not interested in resolving issue and keep on telling robotic answer 24-48hours to resolve the issue.You guys came home and install everything and now telling my address is wrong.
Thank you
Robin Varghese

Hi @robinv12010,

We apologise for the inconvenience and we understand you feel that your connection issue is taking far too long to resolve. Initial findings show that your service was installed on a different address.

Based on the latest log on the file you have been contacted by one of our Provisioning Case Manager and advised that a new order will be processed using your correct address. Further updates will be provided via SMS or Phone call by the assigned Case Manager handling this case.


Let us know should you require further assistance.