NBN does not connect

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good morning,

I have been reading all the comments with regards to NBN connection and it seems all the bad reports we have heard about it are true.  We are very happy with the speed and the usage of ADSL  that we currently have with TPG.  Unfortunately TPG told us we had to connect over to NBN and the box arrived yesterday and, of course , it wouldnt connect up.

We would like to send it right  back and continue using ADSL -  but do we have 18 months before we have to change to NBN?  Everything i have read seems to point to that, so is that correct?  If not, how long can we continue using ADSL before we absolutely have to move over to NBN?


Hi @melbourneviv, we'll have the case manager contact you to discuss this matter.


We have received your post on a separate thread and replied to it. Please check our response here: https://community.tpg.com.au/t5/NBN-Installation/FTTC-NBN-NCD-No-broadband-light-connection/m-p/7628...