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NBN download at 5mbps

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I have NBN50 and have extremely slow download speeds. Consistently when updating software it indicates the d/l speed at no more than 6mbps via wifi AND ethernet. 

Test results on various sites (TPG and Ookla) indicate that the line is capable at downlading 44-47mbps. 

I have performed updates on drivers, restarts, different machines and different connections at different times of the day with no change.

I spend 1-2 hours waiting for software to be updated to be able to carry out working from home arrangements and the quality of Zoom video conferences are poor. I have resulted to utilising my phone's 4G as a hotspot in these cases. Our Netflix is often reduced in quality to keep a constant stream. 

Can you please look into this as my NBN account and see if there is anything restricting it. 


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Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identication number) or your mobile phone number so can look at this service for you Smiley Happy


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Okay so i would usually expect those max rate and current rate to be around the other way but thats okay the current rate is perfect and where it should be..


Look, to be honest this might sound basic but its is true,  the speeds hitting your modem before it sends it to your devices is fine.. if the speeds are okay and you have no issues to the other devices you are using ie: phones, it does appear it is an issue with some of your devices (desktops) and not the NBN/TPG itself.


However, there may be programs (steam, clouds) your running that may be updating or being used that are stealing the BW and the BW sharing is slowing your speed on particular devices.


It is also possible you may have a connectivity issue with between the modem and your devices which may be wired or WIFI


I will provide you with a few links below to help you to try and help diagnose your equipment and connection issue.


For helpful tips on how to improve your internet speed,

follow our guide at


To improve your WiFi connection, follow the steps in our TPG Community article at


I would probably start by giving those links a look at and then looking at the conections between the device and the modem and remember to make sure if connected via wireless you are connected to the 5GHZ WIFI band option ..


i do hope i have been of some assistance 


let me know if you have any further questions


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