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NBN drop out Archer VR1600

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I've been using TPG NBN for a few years now and always had issues with internet dropping outs. After a few go with support/engineering saying its within acceptable service level, I gave up and just restarted modem everytime. Couple of weeks ago, I borrowed Netgear modem and what do you know, never had a dropout for that couple weeks. Got back onto my old VR1600, bang dropping out constantly.
Everytime this issue is raised, they send you around engineering team etc but its all useless when you have a crappy standard modem which TPG doesnt want to admit.

Anyone else out there who had issues on VR1600v but not on other non standard modems??

We should really gain some numbers and escalate as a group

Hi @seabreeze,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We have located the account using your community details.

We have checked the status of your servcie and we can see that you are still using the TPG supplied modem. The connection shows stable for more than a week now and we cannot see any indication that it is dropping out based on your data usage history.


In fact, our system has recorded a high data usage, which only means that you're maximising the service.


Nonetheless, we'd like to further check what is causing the issue and help with the resolution.


We are suspecting 2 possible reasons why this is happening in your end:


1. Wireless Connectivity is Dropping Out (If all your devices are connecting via Wi-Fi).


There are a lot of factors that may affect the performance of the wireless connectivity such as; distance, walls blocking the signal, Electromagnetic Interference (EMIs) and sometimes, the actual modem itself.


This article contains steps on how to improve the wireless connectivity:

Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home 

2. Bandwidth is no longer enough to accommodate the devices and its online activities.


As you may be aware, the actual speed you're getting from the NBN plan you're currently subscribed will be divided to the number of devices connected and its online activities.


In this case, you can consider upgrading to the next speed tier, which may be more suitable for the number of devices and your online activities.


If the connection is dropping out on a wired device, this is a different case and may need further investigation. It could be a faulty line or a faulty equipment.


You mentioned that you have tested the connection using a third party modem and it was a lot better than the modem we have supplied.


Moreover, we are looking into providing you a new modem for comparative testing.



Hi @seabreeze, we have checked the status of your connection and we can see that it has remained stable for more than a week now.


We'd like to know its status in your end. Are you still experiencing drop outs?