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NBN dropping out constantly.

Level 1a

Had this problem for a few weeks, my NBN modem CM8200 Arris constantly resets. After about 5-6 tech visits it was finally useable for about four days and now we're back to the same problem. The last tech put a attenuator on the line and it seemed to solve the problem for a few days but now im back to the dropouts. The dropouts are not as common as 3 weeks ago but they still occur frequently, more so at night.


Hi @ramealmatty, we apologise for the inconvenience this issue is causing you. We have checked the status of your connection and it shows stable at the moment.


You mentioned that it normally happens at night, can you provide us the specific time?




Level 1a

It happens quite a bit from 7pm to 11pm. I usually have to restart the modem to get it back working. Adjusting the coaxil cable on the back of the modem also helps sometimes.


Hi @ramealmatty


Based on the recent update on your account, the issue has now been raised to our Engineering Team for further assessment and investigation. 


Kindly allow them sometime to determine what's causing the issue. An update should be provided either via phone call or SMS within the next 24hrs. 


Feel free to reach out again for further assistance.