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NBN drops out constantly on 2G

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My 2G on NBN is dropping constantly, I've tried to reset the modem, reset the configuration as per the mail which I received in initially, changed the LAN cables, but nothing seems to be working. My laptop and other devices don't connect and once it does it just drops out and says "no internet". Reset it again goes for 5 mins and then again the same message. The 5G speeds go bad as well, I've done all the stuff which is elaborated on; however, it doesn't work.


Please, fix the problem as I am with TPG for a long time and I want to continue my relationship with being a loyal customer.



Hi @jawadamin1


Welcome to TPG Community! 


Apologies if you're experiencing connection issues. We're here to help! 


Based on what you've described, we might need to check your wireless connection as the line test showed no evident line fault that can affect the service. In fact, the modem shows connected for almost 2 days now.


Kindly send us with your best contact time & number via private message so we can organise a call back to be made from our Technical Team. 





Hi @jawadamin1


Thank you for your PM. As discussed over PM, we have already organized a call from one of our Sr Technicians to assist you with the dropouts you're experiencing.


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