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NBN in Busselton WA

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I'm on a boost plan (up to 25mb/s) and my service really suffers during the evening congestion periods.  I have previously logged this through your support team and ran many speeds tests over a week period to help your team fault find.

Factory resetting the TPG supplied router helped the first time, however this doesn't seem to be making much of an impact anymore.  At nighttime, we cannot stream movies and have our son play xbox online (cannot stream 1080p, only 720p).

Would the infrastructure in our area support moving up to the next "speed" bracket (nbn50)?  IE would i even see the increase in speed?  I wouldn't want to spend the connection fees etc etc to upgrade if the exchange won't provide for these speeds, particularly during peak congestion periods.  I understand we won't see the fully 50mb/s during peak, but at least it won't be around 12mb/s which is what we get normally at night time here.

Hope to hear from you soon,



Hi @shanesully,


Welcome to TPG Community!


I can detect that your modem is getting a good speed on the NBN infrastructure for your current plan of NBN25. Please be advised that there's no fee on upgrading or downgrading the plan on NBN service.


I checked your address and seen that the estimated download sync speed you are likely to get at your address is from 24 to 46 Mbps.


You can visit our website at NBN plan for more information.


Just enter your address on the "Check Availability" then you'll see the note with the estimated download sycn speed that you'll get.


See Image below for example:








Thank you.

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Thanks heaps Basil for getting back to me.


I'll try upgrading my plan and see what results I get.

Thanks again and have a great 2018



You are welcome @shanesully.


May you have a prosperous 2018 as well.