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NBN internet not working

Level 3
The internet light on my modem is off and the internet is not working.
Is it outage again?

Hi @aaronmanho, we have located the account using your community details. As per checking, NBN Co. has identified a network fault affecting the service in your area.


They are now working on a resolution and we will provide further updates as soon as it becomes available.


We apologise for the inconvenience this service disruption is causing you.


Hi @aaronmanho, we can see that the issue has been resolved and your service is up and running for more than 21 hours now.


Should you need further assistance, feel free to message us. Thank you.

Level 3
The light is off again.

Thanks for raising this to us, @aaronmanho

We'd like to confirm if the NBN box currently on. We ran an initial test to your NBN connection it shows the NBN box is currently off.



Level 3
The NBN box is on.

Thanks for the confirmation. We will raise this to our Engineering Team for further test and investigation. Assessment may take 24-48hrs and updates will be provided via SMS or Phone call.


We apologise for any inconvenience.


Hi @aaronmanho,


Based on our Engineering Team's Assessment, Your TPG service is part of an ongoing NBN Network Maintenance.  NBN is aware and currently investigating the outage. Updates will be provided via SMS or Phone call.



Level 3
The internet is still down. It is down for three days already.

Hi @aaronmanho, we have escalated the issue to our Engineering Team for further investigation and the case engineer will contact you once the assessment is completed.