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NBN keeps dropping out - New Install

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I had NBN installed today. It started working about an hour after the tech completed the install. Worked for about 10 mins, then dropped out. Doesn't work at all now. 

I rang support and had to wait for 30 mins for them to call me back. They were useless. I now have to wait for a tech to come and have a look at it, which means staying at home and wasting another day. TPG turned off my ADSL connection as soon as the tech advised them that he had completed the install. That resulted in me losing all internet service. Only after I hassled them did they offer to give me three more days of ADSL service. 

What a joke. 


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Sent as requested. 


Hi @christs23 

Our records show this issue was resolved by our Help Desk. 

Your recent broadband or home phone technical fault ticket (Ticket number # 10536809) has now been resolved and closed by our engineers.

If you are still having issues please let us know.