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NBN line out since Tuesday, no date known for fix

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My NBN connection was completed on 25/5, got great speeds until the line dropped out on the morning of 28/5. The fault has been escalated to NBN Co who say it is a cable or network problem and can't give a date for a fix. It's end of financial year time and I am retiring and winding up my business and can't be without a net connection at this time. Currently I am using the data allowance on my phone for urgent things but that will only last another few days. My ADSL connection has been deactivated so that can't be used.


Questions are:

I need to know how long the outage is going to be - as a large corporate entity, NBN Co should be able to provide some idea of the date the line will be up or an explanation of why they can't.


If the line is going to be out for more than another couple of days, or for an unknown period, what can TPG do to provide me a net connection for that period?


TPG's tech support has been great over this, but I need to get something sorted as I have gigabytes of stuff to transfer and my phone data allowance won't cover it.


TPG customer for 16 years btw.


Regards, DaveW




Hi @adslikui, we can see that this issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team.


There's no new update regarding the status of the outage yet, but we have already made a follow up.


We appreciate your loyalty and we'll check what can be done to fast track the resolution.


We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you.

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Thanks for following it up. About half an hour after I posted that message 3 NBN trucks arrived and the crews spent the day trying to sort it out, and it turned out they had already been working further up the street the day before. The HFC connection pit for this section is just outside my front door and I had a chat with the gang who told me what the problem is and exacty what they were doing to sort it out. I was a network engineer myself for many years so the explantion was quite detailed and unfortunately it isn't going to be simple or quick to resolve. All I can do is wait, but despite the incovenience I'm very impressed with the speed of both TPG support and the NBN Co in handling the fault. My phone hotspot will do until next week, but if it goes any longer than that I'll have to abandon the NBN and get a mobile broadband modem/router as the critical work is piling up.


Regards, Dave W.


Thanks for letting us know, Dave.


Our Engineering Team is closely monitoring your case and the case engineer will contact you as soon as a new update becomes available.


Let us know if we can be of any assistance.

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My HFC line came back up on 7/6 and as well as various cable/network problems in the area I appear to have had a faulty Arris NBN connection box.


Well done, and pass on my thanks to support for keeping me up to date.


Regards, DaveW


Thank you for the update @adslikui.


We'll advise our Engineering team of your feedback.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.