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NBN not working at all even after having a tech out

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I went from ADSL2 to NBN on the 24th of November and I had issues at the start of frequent dropping outs, ended up getting someone from NBN to come have a look and try to fix it. He said that everything looked fine, connection got the all clear. I however have had still issues especially with the NBN box stuck on flashing on Upstreaming for 3 days straight. Even after resetting it, turning it off and on and leaving it off for a while still made no difference. I've have gotten to the point now where I am completely fed up with having no internet and wasting the money I spend for internet which I am not getting. What else am I suppose to be doing?


Hi @HollyLofberg,


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I checked the account and was not able to detect any signal going through the NBN Box (ARRIS). I have arranged a call from our Tech team to look into it.


Thank you.