NBN or 5G?

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Which is better and which do you prefer?


Hi @gmaniacop


The answer depends on how will you use the service.

Please note that the 5G Home broadband uses CGNAT.


What is CG-NAT and how does it affect 5G Home Broadband services?
Techy types should be aware that 5G Home Broadband uses CG-NAT. Carrier-grade NAT (Network Address Translation) is a type of network that assigns services with a private IP address, instead of a dynamic public IP address. Our network will then translate that private address into a public address. This means that the following items (which depend on internal NAT) will not work on 5G Home Broadband:


  • Port forwarding
  • Hosting web, email or file servers internally
  • Smart Home systems (e.g. accessing security camera footage remotely, home automation and printers)
  • Remote Access (i.e. accessing your home computer or devices from another location)  

If you need any of these items in your home setup, 5G Home Broadband won’t be the right fit for you. Please check your address on our website for one of our other great broadband plans.


Latency and gaming
5G is great for most online applications (including casual gaming), but if you require ultra-low latency where every millisecond matters (for example, professional gaming), 5G Home Broadband may not be the right fit for you.



If you are a gamer, then it is advisable to get the NBN service.


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