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NBN outage - SOLVED

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Hi guys,


We had an outage like many others on this forum that started the week before last.

I've posted about my issues in the past.

This was NOT a TPG fault.

Spoke to the Telstra men who were working on the NBN in our street yesterday.

It was water damage. Possible from all of the extra rain we have had recently or caused by a tech not properly protecting the cables for new connections.

The same issue seemed to happen to other people that are with other ISP's so I think this is a widespread issue.

Try contacting NBN directly if you are having these issues as well.

Happily have the internet back to normal now.

Smiley Happy




Thanks for advice about the real issue, I will keep in eye if any other issue in your area comes up.

your service has been up for around 2 days by now.