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NBN outage

Level 1b
NBN not working

Hi @Leela0203 


Welcome to the Community!


Using your community details, I was able to check your account. From what I can tell, your service was disrupted because a different provider took the connection out from us. The possible reasons for this are the following:

  1. You or someone on your behalf may have inquired with another service provider and the said provider could have immediately placed an order to transfer the service even without a confirmation from you.
  2. Someone else may have placed an order with a different provider using your exact address by mistake.

I can see that you have already our Technical Team earlier and this issue has been raised with our Provisioning Team to retrieve the connection back from the other provider. Please wait for an update from a Provisioning Case Manager about the progress.


If you have other queries or need clarification, do let us know.



Level 1b
Thanks for the reply.

I must mention this that people who handle the technical support calls lack empathy and manners. Pls listen to the calls I made last night. Surprisingly your escalation desk operator had no respect.

Coming to the issue I am facing, help me understand if I have not requested for disconnection how can you stop the service. And how can you guarantee this will not happen again?

I can assure you we have not called any other service provider and that includes my family.

I would like to know which service provider has taken over the service without my consent. I want to report it to Ombudsman.

Hi @Leela0203,


We are sorry to hear about your poor experience. We take a genuine interest in all customer feedback and we really appreciate you raising this matter with us. We will deal with it internally.


As for the disruption of the service, we just want to inform you that we did not disconnect your account per se. Your account remained active. However, the connection that comes from NBNCo was taken out from TPG and was transferred to the other provider. Unfortunately, we don't have a way to identify who that provider was.


I can see that our Provisioning Team was able to resubmit an order to retrieve the connection back. We can detect that your modem is already up and running as well for more than an hour.


Should you have other concerns, feel free to leave a comment.



Level 1b
Thanks for your reply ! I am really thankful to your staff Roslyn and Mike whom I spoke with today. They helped in reactivating the service and stayed with on the phone till the time service is activated. They both had gone out of the way to help. I really appreciate their effort.


Hi @Leela0203,


We're glad to know that the service is now working. We appreciate your wonderful feedback we will relay this to Roslyn and Mike.


In case you will have queries in the future do not hesitate to create a thread here in our community or drop us a message.