high ping

Level 2

hi the ping to Hongkong server was 115ms in average and to Singapoor server was 160ms  few days ago. But now i am having 207 ms in Hongkong and 234 ms in Singapoor server. is there any way to lower the ping. iam on wired connection and my laptop is the only device connected.


Hi @bnodthebe,


We review your account and conducted some line test, but was not able to detect any fault.


Your current plan is under the standard NBN12/1 speed tier, which may be a factor for your online activities.


Bandwidth sharing can cause traffic that will result to high ping or slow internet.


May we know the test that you've done? Also, what are the activities that you were doing when you've tested the ping?


If you are able to post some screenshot of the ping test, it will help us analyze this further.


You may also consider upgrading to the next speed tier, which is our NBN50 that will give you typical evening speed of 43.7 Mbps.


Kind regards,