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NBN outage

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Level 2
I'm in Tasmania, on FTTP NBN.

Woke up this morning to find my internet not working. Tried rebooting the modem, made no difference.
Tried rebooting the NBN box, made no difference.

There is a second connection on the NBN box with a different carrier and it's still working fine, so it doesn't seem like the fibre is damaged.

Checked the service status page, a bunch of planned maintenance pages for various parts of the main land, nothing for TAS.

Went out for the day, just got back home now and it's still not working.

Rebooted the modem again, no change.
Other connection is still working fine.
Checked service status page again, no reported outages for NBN.
Level 2
Turned out to be a network cable problem between NBN box and modem. Solved now.

Glad to know that it's already working, @spiritofcat


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