NBN outage

Level 2
We have been without internet for over 24 hours and have made multiple calls to ascertain the likely resolve time. I was directed to outages site which did not indicate anything for my area and every outage linked had a 'green' checked box for planned outage. I have serious work to complete from home including employee time sheets. No one can tell me what the issue is, where it is, or what is being done to fix it. I was told the previous afternoon ( saturday) that it should be resolved by 11.00 pm but of course it wasn't and has not yet ( 12.45 Sunday). This is intolerable. A few hours I understand but an entire day and a half? I will be doing some shopping around and see if I can get something more reliable. Telstra has the same level of service for 1c more.

Hi @petertaylor089

To check whether your area is affected with an NBN Outage/maintenance, you can visit this link: NBN Network Status


As you are aware, NBN is wholesale of provider of NBN services and ISPs use the same infrastructure and system; it all just differs with the plans offered and pricing. 


We'd be glad to assist and check the status of your service. Please do send your Customer ID/username via private message so we can locate your account.